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Thai rescuers try to retrieve bodies from plane wreck
By Jacqueline Wong

   PHUKET, Thailand (Reuters) - Heavy monsoon rain hampered (阻礙) the retrieval of five bodies trapped in the wreckage of a budget airliner (廉價航空) that crashed while trying to land on the Thai resort island of Phuket, killing 88 people.

  Investigators on Monday also sifted through (調查) the charred (燒成黑) wreckage of the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 that veered (改變方向) off the runway, smashed into a wooded embankment (築堤) and burst into flames as it tried to land during a fierce monsoon (印度季風) storm the day before.

  "We still cannot clear the wreckage because of the continued heavy rains. We are moving a crane (起重機 , 吊車) to the site and are trying to reopen the airport as soon as possible. Half a day should be enough," Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um said.
"We have retrieved about 83 bodies," he told Reuters. "There are still another five."

   Flights on national carrier Thai Airways to Phuket were cancelled.
The Indonesian captain and his Thai co-pilot were both killed, but 42 people survived a crash likely to raise more safety questions about the dozens of budget carriers that have sprung up across Asia in the last decade.

  Five survivors were in critical condition, with burns to 60 percent of their bodies, hospital officials said. Fourteen Thais, eight Britons, five Iranians and four Germans were among those injured.
The island, dubbed the "Pearl of the Andaman", suffered major devastation in the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

   Emergency workers were quick to retrieve the "black box" flight data recorder. Much of the crash investigation is likely to focus on the weather as the plane, flown by Bangkok-based low-cost operator One-Two-Go, was coming in to land.

  The Bangkok Post newspaper quoted a senior aviation official as saying the pilot told the control tower he was aborting the landing because he could not see the runway.

  Survivors spoke of torrential rain and trees bent over in the wind.
"The pilot tried to bring the plane back up. He started to turn right and made a sharp turn right and then the plane went into the embankment," Millie Furlong, a 23-year-old waitress from Canada, told Reuters in hospital.

  "I saw the grass and knew we were going to crash. It was very quick."

  Udom Tantiprasongchai, chairman of One-Two-Go parent company Orient Thai Airlines, said the pilot was experienced.
"Police will set up an investigating committee to find out what actually caused the accident. What we need to do right now is take care of the injured," he told reporters on Sunday evening. "I'm deeply sorry about this tragic event."

  Despite a number of crashes and scares, most recently in Indonesia, analysts say there is no hard evidence to suggest budget carriers are more accident-prone (易產生意外的) than their full-service competitors.

  So far, the only foreigner confirmed dead in the crash is French. There has been no word on other nationalities, although in a country that welcomes more than 12 million tourists a year, they are likely to be from every corner of the globe.
  Airports of Thailand said there were seven crew and 78 foreigners on board, most of them European holidaymakers. (假日遊客)

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Amsterdam to cut back (削減) on brothels 

The Dutch city of Amsterdam is to close one-third of the brothels(妓院) in its famous red light district.
The city has reached a 25m euro (£18m) deal to buy many of the premises (經營場地) and turn them into shops or housing. 

The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, said that although prostitution(賣淫) was legal in the Netherlands, there was too much of the sex trade in the city centre. 

He also said that the trade involved exploitation (剝削)and trafficking (人口走私)  of women, and other kinds of criminal activity. 

Dirty money 

Prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district ply their trade in street windows and the area's seediness (舊城區) has always been part of its attraction for tourists. 

The Wallen, as the area is known in Dutch, is in one of the oldest and most picturesque areas of Amsterdam. 

But the city's authorities say the windows are a magnet for crime and money laundering. (洗錢)
Mr Cohen said the move was not intended to get rid of prostitution entirely, since it is part of the area's history. 

"What we do want is to get rid of the underlying (淺在的)criminality," he said.
We believe that less windows means more exploitation of women
Metje Blaak
De Rode Draad
However, the plan was criticised by the Dutch sex workers' union De Rode Draad. 
"We believe that less windows means more exploitation of women," spokeswoman Metje Blaak told the Agence France-Presse news agency. 

"If the windows close down, women who are being exploited will be hidden somewhere else where union representatives and health workers can't make contact with them," she said. 

Prostitutes hire the windows for around 100 euros for part of the day. One window is usually used by several prostitutes a day.

(Above news from  BBC)

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印度宗教旅遊旺季將屆 觀光客切記旅遊須知














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更新日期:2007/09/22 14:03 記者:記者許芸瑋、李宗洋/台北報導 全球最適合居住的城市是哪裡呢?答案是瑞典的斯德哥爾摩,而台北在全球72個國際城市裡,只排第67名,是倒數第6,最主要的原因就是因為空氣品質不佳,而排在台北之前的有香港、東京、新加坡以及首爾,最差的兩名是上海以及北京。 台北101大樓震撼又美麗的煙火秀,成了國際矚目的焦點,不過根據世界銀行發展經濟研究組織的資料,全球最適合居住的城市,在72個國際城市當中,台北只排在第67名,居然是倒數第6。 空氣污染是一般民眾對台北的不好印象,這項調查是以環境法規、環境品質、能源價格、垃圾產生與處理、公園面積等作為指標,由此可見台北的生活環境以及綠化工作都有待加強。 而最適合居住的前三名依序為,瑞典的斯德哥爾摩、挪威的奧斯陸和德國的慕尼黑。在亞洲排名方面,最好的是第18名的香港,與台北就相差了49個名次,第20名的東京、第45名的新加坡,以及第52名的南韓首爾,這些都排在台北之前。 其他落後台北的城市只有曼谷、廣州及孟買,而上海為倒數第2,北京則吊車尾。台北的名次逐年下降,眼看生活品質愈來愈差,民眾抱怨,就看政府拿出什麼政策來改善。 以上新聞來自: Yahoo

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更新日期:2007/06/13 18:40 記者:李御榮 喜歡吃鍋貼的民眾,可能早就注意到,從去年底開始,部分四海遊龍老店,陸續換上新招牌,改名「鮮天下」,不是鍋貼老店改名字重新出發,而是原有的老股東因為進軍大陸市場的意見分歧,決定「拆夥」,各自上戰場拚戰。 15年前,人生跌落谷底的無殼蝸牛李幸長,靠著鍋貼專賣店由黑翻紅,賺進大把大把鈔票,可惜這個「老字號招牌」,還是走到「分家」這一步。鮮天下負責人陳武貂:「我們的理念越來越不同,經營觀念越來越分歧,不斷爭吵的過程,氣氛越來越僵啦。」他是早年李幸長選立委的總幹事,也是鍋貼店的合夥人,10年前尾牙宴上並肩站著,看得出交情,但去年底因為進軍大陸的爭執不斷,毅然決然「拆夥」,陳武貂帶著部份店家,換招牌同樣賣鍋貼,想和老品牌一較高下。鮮天下負責人陳武貂:「打品牌不是那麼簡單,所以知名度相對不足,非常辛苦的是,人家不知道我在賣什麼。」這個「平底鐵鍋」,是兩人一起研究發想的,黑黑的鍋子是生鐵打造,不僅導熱快效能高,煎出來的鍋貼外型完整,比最早的白鐵鍋好用多了。用了10多年闖出名號,還是得各走各路,分合之間不僅是市場保衛戰,更是老戰友的友情考驗。 (以上資料來自: Yahoo) 四海遊龍官方網站

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颱風過後, 每每蔬菜價格大漲, 不知何種價格合理. 可以到台北農產官方網站 查詢各類蔬果每日批發交易價格喔!!!

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最近在台北市大安區師大路開了一家 " 一休饅頭 " 的店面. 發現他们販賣的小點心非常好吃. 有濃濃的奶油口味內餡. 我買了 一盒12個 / 100元, 真得很划算. 此店家的 官方網站  有詳細介紹此店家的起源及menu list.

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