Tuesday, October 23, 2007
By  AFP 
The rail link between Charles de Gaulle airport and central Paris was still disrupted Tuesday due to a strike over (關於) pension reforms, the national rail operator SNCF said.
Only one in two trains was expected to run (運轉) between the airport and the Gare du Nord, with the interconnection to the Paris metro closed at the station, it said.
Commuter train service from the station was also still disrupted, with only one train in three operating on several lines.
Rail traffic throughout the rest of France was normal, SNCF said.
Traffic on the Paris metro and bus system was also normal, said the operator of the Parisian network, the RATP.
French rail unions crippled (使~癱瘓) public transport last week with a massive (大規模的) strike on Thursday over President Nicolas Sarkozy's plans to cut generous pension privileges (特權) for rail and energy workers.
Most of the unions suspended (中止) the strike on Friday, but some staff have continued the protest.
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